About Me

A brief history

I was born in New York and moved to London when I was nine months old. I lived in London and the Channel Islands, almost making a move to Germany, but settled back to London instead. I had American parents but two passports and an English accent that made me feel very British. I returned to the US to attend university and was back living in the US for the first time since I was nine months old.

Boston was first

I had this great red jacket I use to wear, but after accidentally wearing it on the same day of the anniversary of the Battle of Lexington and my friends started whooping in delight shouting, "the Redcoats are coming!" it was promptly retired. I attended Tufts University where I received my B.A. in drama and Spanish, graduating Cum Laude. I now also have an unnatural attachment to elephants. 

Go Jumbos!

Chicago then followed

I got my feet wet working with and learning from some of the best, picking up new skills and invaluable experiences. From training at Steppenwolf and roaming the city with en route, to working on new plays and feature films.

D.C. was next

where I went to attend the verbosely named The Shakespeare Theatre Company's Academy for Classical Acting at The George Washington University, where I earned my master's of fine arts in classical acting.

Eventually I landed here, in NYC

Had I planned this better I would have moved to a city that began with "E". I continue to work on classical plays, as well as contemporary work and on-camera.

Frisco Bay was a brief detour

but they don't like it when you call it that. San Fran is ok but S.F. is better. I spent 3 months there performing in Ondine at the National Park District's Sutro Baths with the site-integrated theatre group We Players.

Glad to be back in NYC, check out my updates page for more


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