Elaine Ivy Harris, Gabriel, Jonathan Slaff, C Denby Swanson


GABRIEL is being presented now through March 26, 2018 at North of History, a new performance/gallery space located at 445 Columbus Ave. Hamilton Clancy directs.

Reacting to Wendy Davis' 2013 anti-abortion in the Texas Legislature, playwright C. Denby Swanson, author of "The Norwegians," resolved to write a play about a woman's right to choose and the effect of this wedge issue on female friendship or "sisterhood." The result was a darkly comedic drama, "Gabriel: A Polemic," in which four tightly-bonded women, confounded by issues of abortion and free will, are divided unexpectedly by a crisis of faith at their weekly dinner.

Reviews for GABRIEL:

"Elaine Ivy Harris is honest and open as Louise.  She is vulnerable in her opening monologue, then skillfully transitions her demeanor when confronted by her sisters at the dinner table."

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"The Prologue... is delivered by Louise, played with a mix of sensitivity and mischievousness by Elaine Ivy Harris. When Louise turns up... to the potluck dinner, she is the comic relief and foil."

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"Gabriel presents an honest and relevant conversation with witty jokes and compelling characters portrayed by wonderful actresses..."

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